Accountant's Exemption - ASIC has accountants jumping through hoops

Yes, ASIC have loaded you up with

more paperwork, more training, 

more compliance & more cost to

keep servicing your SMSF clients in 

the new year.  Sucks right!?

But Read On, Because Herein Lies Your Best

Solution To The Accountant's Exemption!

Of course, you could outsource this work, but with SMSFs becoming more and more popular, that's potentially substantial lost revenue and lost opportunity for your practice.

As accountants, we empathise, and have created a 'real' solution to efficiently address this problem. We've taken a wholistic approach to taking the pain out of the compliance so that you can get on with what you do best. We've seen what the competitors are offering and know that our Limited License package will impress you!

What's included you ask? We've covered all bases!

~ Limited Authorisation (AFSL) and Financial Service Guide (FSG)

~ Professional Indemnity (PI), Compliance manual, Compliance reviews

~ RG146, Professional Development and other training requirements

~ Technical help desk support and access to para planning

~ Automated online SMSF SOA compliance system

Click here if you want more details about our Limited License offer.

OK, so our auotmated SMSF SOA compliance system won't make you a coffee whilst you send your client their Authorisation form 

and FSG at the click of a button.


And it won't massage your shoulders whilst you complete your required (follow the bouncing ball) ASIC compliant Fact Find and Statement of advice (SOA) in under an hour*.


But it will definitely reduce the complexity, time and effort this would normally require from you.

If you'd like to find out why so many other Accounting firms have chosen the Merit Wealth Limited Authorisation offer over its competitors, give me a call on 1300 785 611

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SMSF SOA Compliance System

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Accountants Services Director

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