Top 5 Licensing Q&As

David Moss, Accountants Services Director at Merit Wealth and resident Accountant's Exemption guru has been inundated with questions from hundreds of Accountants over the past few months. What David doesn't know about this subject, really isn't worth knowing! 

These are the top five questions that he's answered about the Merit Wealth Limited Authorisation offer... but if you have a few of your own, he'd love to hear from you!?

The Top 5 Questions Asked By Accountants About
Limited Authorisations:

1. How much will it cost?

Merit Wealth has one of the most cost effective solutions in the market and you pay it by monthly subscription. Talk to David Moss on 1300 785 611. He will take you through the pricing details for your practice.


2. What add on costs, if any, are there?

With Merit everything is included in the one low monthly subscription cost. This includes your PD, PI, help desk and access to our online portal for advice preparation.


3. Do you have an automated online solution to prepare and deliver SOAs and related documents for clients?

Yes. Our online portal is designed to make your advice process as efficient as possible. It automates parts of the advice process allowing you to automatically send your clients engagements letters and your Financial Services Guide. Plus you are able to complete your Fact Find and SOA all online.


4. Do I have to sign a long term contract or are there any lock-ins?

No. At Merit we are happy to stand on our value proposition. You can cancel at any time by providing 60 days notice.


5. Am I expected to refer clients to the Dealer Group for financial services?

This is your choice entirely. You have access to this support, but there is no requirement for you to refer business to us.