May PD

A Focus on the Advice Process:

* Pre 1 July Advice Rules

* Advice Process Using Case Study Scenarios

* Factual vs General vs Personal Advice


19th May

Brisbane Novotel

200 Creek St



23 May

Rendezvous Hotel

328 Flinders St



30 May

68 Market St


CPD Points:   2
Registration: 12pm
PD Day:        12.30pm till 2.30pm
For further information contact Elyssa Feekings on 1300 785 611 or

Pre 1 July Advice Rules

We will provide you with an understanding on how advice to your clients leading up to 30 June 2016 needs to be delivered now that you are licensed under an Australian Financial Services License.

Advice Process Using Case Study Scenarios

This session takes you through the advice process.  We look at how you can ensure the advice you give to clients and how you deliver this advice, complies with both ASIC and Licensee requirements.

Using real life examples, we will focus on:

  *  Superannuation contribution advice


  *  Superannuation pension advice

You will walk away knowing what processes need to be followed.


Factual vs General vs Personal Advice

We will take you through the difference between factual, general and personal advice so you are aware of your obligations in the delivery of advice to your clients.

When you can use fact sheets rather than statements of advice.

When you must provide advice in a formal written document.

When advice needs are identified that are outside your authority.