Not Licensed?

What You Can & Can't Do
Post 1 July

Presented on 24th August 2016
by Greg Hayes

Duration: 1hr 10mins incl Attendee Q&As

New SMSF Compliance Rules for Accountants

What You Can & Can't Do (Especially if You're Unlicensed!)

Greg Hayes
CEO | Merit Wealth

"The greatest danger is for Accountants to believe that nothing will change and they can simply do what they have done in the past. The ground changes for us all."

Greg Hayes

The focus of this webinar is on accountants who are not licensed. But even for the firms who have authorised accountants, you need to have procedures and protocols in place to manage SMSF advice and ensure that your non-authorised accountants operate within the legislation.


Led by Greg Hayes, this session walks you through the changes and provides practical examples of what can and can't be done. 

This webinar is designed to assist you to comply with the new requirements and includes:

  1. SMSF advice that is affected by the new rules

  2. What constitutes advice

  3. Provision of factual or tax advice

  4. Liability – is it at a firm or individual level?

  5. Compliance steps every firm should have taken by now

  6. Disclosure requirements

  7. How ASIC is monitoring compliance

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